Summer vacation

Summer vacation brings us not only new adventures, good memories, but also a pleasant sunburn. Therefore, in this article we will look at some of the main advantages of the beach.

How does salt water affect our health.
Sea water works wonders for our skin and hair. It is a well-known fact that salty sea water in combination with the sun’s rays favors the better appearance of your skin. Acne spots and scars disappear and the pimples themselves heal very quickly. The hair in turn becomes more voluminous and healthier.

How sand affects our health.
Sand is a natural exfoliant. It will keep your skin healthy and fresh. As you know, the scrub successfully removes dead skin cells, thus keeping the pores open and the skin soft.

How sunbathing affects our body.
The sun stimulates the production of vitamin D. It is a vitamin that is vital for our good health. Vitamin D helps reduce the risk of cancer, heart attacks, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis and depression, type II diabetes, acne, while boosting the immune system.

The sun makes you happier! High levels of vitamin D help the body maintain high levels of serotonin (the hormone of happiness), which helps you stay in a good mood.

But don’t forget! Sunbathing should not be overdone, because it has side effects. For example, for the skin – excessive sun exposure can lead to premature aging, as well as less pleasant sunburn. Therefore, we advise you to always use sunscreen.

How sea air affects our health.
Iodine vapor – one of the most valuable seafood. They are especially useful if you have respiratory diseases. Unfortunately, you can inhale iodine vapor only early in the morning – at sunrise (about 5-6 hours). A 30-minute walk on the beach is enough to stimulate the immune system.

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Chill and Escape in Our Natural Shelters

When you are tired of activities, just chill and hide – stay alone or with close people in not crowded space, we’ve got several to offer! All of them look like a lonely planet so you should enjoy, definitely.

Craft your own rest on the beach or under the trees with ease –

When we’re at our best, we want to eat the best. Fortunately, the world’s most beautiful beaches are culturally and ecologically diverse, with thriving culinary scenes based on sustainably sourced seafood.

InOceanica, for example, Executive parts of the beaches we offer are diving enthusiast, dots his menu with lionfish, a delicious but invasive and predatory species that wreaks havoc on the local reef system. In local restaurants you can also enjoy the life – chefs works directly with local fishermen who bring in fresh catch daily.

September in Oceanica Hotel

Why September? Because this is a great time with a soft weather and lots of new activities. Moreover, we decrease our rates for rooms in a hotel for September, so you can enjoy the place and the price!

Enjoy the extra time learning things you never knew about your favorite beach! We think you’ll agree the cultural offerings are impressive and intriguing. Lots to love about golfing in Daytona Beach, too!  Not sure where to start? Contact our team and we will direct you!

We’ve prepared several festival and nightlife activities – moreover, we also provide historical exhibitions and lots of other activities. Everything is to your liking!

Live Music Concerts at Oceanica

Enjoy live musical performances daily at the Cold wave bar at Oceanica hotel! Each week we invite new bands to the Bandshell beach and and Jimmy’ Curgyr band – to the beach Restaurant at our  Beach Resort!

View the Live Music entertainment page Performance Schedule for specific locations and times. You will remember the sound of waves and real live music concert at the beach! All the restaurants catering is at your disposal.

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Get a Fresh Spa and Breakfast Package

Looking for some fresh packages in Oceanica hotel? We have some special propositions you will be happy to take!

Get a package at the discounted price, and have it whatever you want – on a private island, or at home. Lunch and dinner are complemented by ocean views at Bleu, a modern Mediterranean brasserie at our hotel Oceanica. Overlooking the Atlantic coastline and the grand beautiful lighthouse – the restaurant celebrates local seafood with a menu of fresh fish handpicked daily by Executive Chef Thierry Papillier, who visits the seaside fish markets himself.

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Celebrate Your Birthday with the Beach Tent Dining!

A special offer for those who want to celebrate a birthday at the beach at Oceanica – if you love the sound of the ocean and the live music, dining outdoors, and the most memorable moments – get a chance to have a tent dining outdoors! If it’s your birthday, you’ll get the the package halfly discounted!

Step onto the sandy shore of the Atlantic ocean for a traditional tend dining. You’ll get a bit of Egyptian dining experience – Though Beduins traditionally dwell in deserts, their culture inspired this seaside dining experience, which features authentic Egyptian cuisine and entertainment.

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